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Copy the link for the threads video you wish to download, paste the link above, and click Get Video. The original quality video will appear below. Hope this was useful!

Easy Threads 🧵 Video Downloads!

Instagram Threads Video Downloader Website / tool for Iphone, Android and Desktop. Quick, easy downloads for any instagram threads video - just paste the link.

How do I download a Threads video?

  1. Open Threads app on mobile or go to the website. Click on share button and copy the link of the video/photo that you want to download.
  2. Paste the copied link into the input box shown above and click the Download button to start the download.
  3. Finally, click on the Download Video button to open the video in new tab and right click and download the video to your device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How does it work? 🤔
    With our tool, all you need is the link to the Instagram Threads video you want to download. Simply input the link into our tool, and we'll fetch the video for you. You can then easily download the video directly onto your device. We don't store any data on our end, we provide a link that downloads directly from Threads!
  • What is Instagram Threads?
    Threads is a new social networking platform launched by Instagram's team at Meta. Similar to Twitter, the Thread app features short text posts that users can like, re-post, and reply to, although it does not include any direct message capabilities as of now. Users can post short text, videos, photos and GIFs on Threads app.
  • What is Threads Video Downloader?
    Threads video downloader is an online tool that helps you download public videos, photos and GIFs on the Threads platform. You can save these videos on your phone or device for later usage.

Our Threads Video Downloader Actually Works on Mobile

Most Threads video download tools do not work on mobile due to a limitation with cross origin file sharing. We have solved this issue to ensure reliable mobile functionality with no more frustrating redirects. Enjoy a seamless, mobile-friendly experience.

Compatible with all devices 🤩

Our tool is full compatible with Iphone, Android, Mac, PC. No need to download any additional apps or software. You can download your favorite Instagram Threads videos directly from the website.